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Down & Out is a compilation of downcast folk recordings, compiled by NTS, predominantly taken from private press releases from the US and UK between 1968-1980.

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Side A.

Brenda Wootton & John The Fish - Stars (orig. 1968)
Bob Hughes - High & Dry (orig. 1976)
Harry Waller - Merely Gone (orig. 1969)
Jim Leedy - Move Inside My Head (orig. 1971)
Side B.

Franz Scheurer & Murray Hinder - Farewell (orig. 1978)
Jack Lucking - Death (orig. 1972)
David Budin - I’ll Be Gone (orig. 1967)
Skip Prokop - Blue Boy (orig. 1977)
Side C.

Peter Berkow & Friends - Sometimes My Life (orig. 1975)
Bill Clint - Sometimes Angels Don’t Need Friends (orig. 1975)
Dana Westover - From A Tower Window (orig. 1972)
Side D.

Richard Kneeland - Present Your Errors (orig. 1976)
Richard Forestier - Soupirs (orig. 1980)
Hooknorton - High & Dry (orig. 1977)
Mastering: Geoff Pesche (Abbey Road)
A&R: Bruno Halper, Samuel Strang
Transfers & Restoration: Neal Birnie, Brandon Hocura & Joe Tessone
Design & Layout: Daniel Sansavini

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