European Primitve Guitar (1974-1987) - Ltd Ed. 2LP Vinyl

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NTS presents European Primitive Guitar, a compilation of instrumental guitar compositions, mapping out the European analogues of the American Primitive Guitar movement, spearheaded by John Fahey in the 1950s. 

EPG spans works directly influenced by and responding to Fahey’s approach to composition, alongside works by artists that arrived at similar conclusions independently. The music is, at once, both starkly traditional and contemporary. 

A1 Albert Giménez - Conte Xinés (Spain, 1982)
A2 John Lawson - Time Will Say Nothing But I Told You So (UK, 1980) 
A3 Roberto Menabo - Il Ritorno Dell'Enola Gay (Italy, 1985) 
A4 Dominique - Aquarium (Spain, 1987) 
B1 Maurizio Angeletti - Zen & The Stone Game (Italy, 1983) 
B2 Hans Reichel - Could Be Nice Too (Germany, 1981) 
B3 Mickeranno - Dai Vetri (Italy, 1985) 
B4 Axel Schultheiss - Pas De Deux (Germany, 1985) 
B5 Norman Teeling - Two Rainbows (Ireland, 1984) 
C1 Bojan Drobež - Krog Na Vodi (Yugoslavia, 1986) 
C2 Gereon Piller & Gerhard Krause - Blue Winter (Germany, 1979) 
C3 Peter Finger - Second Love (Germany, 1974) 
C4 Andy Bole - That Way (UK, 1986) 
D1 Enrico Marcandalli - Il Divano Arancione (Italy, 1983) 
D2 Dave Maddison - Phase Shift By Earth (UK, 1978) 
D3 Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger - Veits Tanz (Germany 1978) 

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NTSC5VX 2LP gatefold edition on limited edition transparent vinyl (200 copies worldwide).

Essay from Bradford Bailey included on inserts.

Mastered by Geoff Pesche (Abbey Road).

Transfers & Restoration by Neal Birnie.

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