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The debut albums from New York artist Jasper Marsalis’ Slauson Malone project and his Crater Speak series, now on vinyl.

A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 (Crater Speak)
A1 Two Thousand Twelve, Outro (see page 202)
A2 Ttrabul (see page 42)
A3 I can make you feel freedom, Katri... (see page 72, 42, and 127)(ft Pearl De Luna)
A4 — Fred Hampton’s Door, Farewell Sassy — (see page 37 and 87)
A5 WON’T BLEED ME: The Sequel (see page 39)
A6 King Sisyphus Of The Atlantic (see page 44)(ft Taphari)
A7 Smile #2 (ft Maxo)
A8 Treachery Of Memories (see page 22, 105, and 200)
A9 Smile #1 (see page39)(ft Caleb Giles)
A10 THE MESSAGE 1 (see page 39)
B1 180° Pole Shift Hypothesis (see page 87)
B2 The Flying Africans board mothership Zong! to colonize the new nubian planet called X “The World laughs as it turns
another degree, hotter” (see page 44, 127, 102-136, and 147)
B3 My feet’s hurt “I was a fugitive but then I realized there was nowhere I could run to” (see page 110 and 113)
B4 Uchromia (see page 15)
B5 Off Me! “The Wake” Pt. 1 & 2 (see page 153)(ft Pink Siifu)
B6 I can make you feel free (see page 127)
B7 Smile #4 (prod. Baby Rampage)
B8 “I can’t see”, Smile #3
B10 Two Thousand Eighteen, Bye (see page 199-203)

Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)
C1 Simile #7 (see page 127 and Ttrabul 2)(feat. Jai)
C2 Smile #6 (see page 198 and 158)
C3 Smile #5 (see page 103 and 107)
D1 360 Degree Pole Shift Hypothesis (see page 13)
D2 My feet's tired (see page 108)
D3 I'm tired (see page 28 and 200)
D4 THE MASSAGE 4: Museum (see page 140, 32, 73, and 8)
D5 THE MESSAGE 3: Blood (see page 39, 179, and Bye)
D6 The Wake Pt. 3 & 2 (see page 87, 58, and 48)

..on A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 (Crater Speak)
Artwork: Bolade Banjo
Mastering: Gabe Schuman
Additional production: Cheflee, on Smile #4

..on Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)
Flute: Francesca Ferrera
Bass Clarinet: Ben Chapoteau-Katz
Alto Saxophone: Leland Whitty
Tenor Saxophone: Ben Chapoteau-Katz
Trumpet: Brandon Woody
Trombone: Jonah Levine
Tuba: Osita Atikpoh
Cello: Nicky Wetherell
Drums: Alex Sowinski
DFAM: Olu Odubiro

Artwork: Bolade Banjo, Jelani Rice, Seth Kenji, and Abraham El Makawy
Mastering: Alex Epton

Grand Closing / NTS Recs

Download Crater Speak music HERE.

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